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A Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist and WA State Licensed and Certified Reflexologist, I graduated from Reflexology Academy NW in August of 2022 and opened my practice in October of that same year.

My passion for health and wellness began as a direct result of a cancer diagnosis in 2000 when I was a teenager. I underwent chemo and radiation treatments, and thus began my 20+ year journey into becoming a more active participant in my health and wellbeing by learning more about nutrition, disease, toxins, and complementary and integrative health modalities. I am so grateful to still be here and for my health. As part of this journey, I turned to many wellness therapies over the years. This is how I first experienced reflexology. The sense of restoration and wellness I received from my reflexology sessions was undeniable, and I quickly became a fan.

In 2019, in an effort to better understand some physical and emotional responses I was experiencing in my own life, I became deeply curious about trauma and the workings of the vagus nerve, specifically how physical and emotional experiences manifest physically in the body, the way the body responds physically to trauma, and how to help the body process trauma, release chronic tension, and address unresolved emotional responses. What started as a desire to understand and address my own trauma expanded into a desire to help others as well. I wanted people to feel whole, and knowing how much reflexology had helped me and what a gift it had been to my body, I decided to become a reflexologist.

What I love most about my practice is holding sacred space for my clients to relax, recharge, and restore their minds, hearts, spirits, and physical selves, allowing them the opportunity to rest and disengage from their lives for a brief time. To give them a chance to quiet the input, noise, distractions, and stress of their days and just be in and with their bodies. We all need that, and we all deserve it.

Education / Certifications

Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist
WA State Licensed and Certified
Graduate - Reflexology Academy NW

Post Graduate Studies:
Hand and Auricular Reflexology with Stefani Sabouchian
Intro to Trauma & Addiction: A Reflexology Perspective - Chantel C. Lucier
Limbic Reflexology Research Webinar: Management of Fibromyalgia - Hamish Edgar
Arms, Elbow, and Hands - World Reflexology Foundation - Bill Flocco
Intentional Assessment with Laurie Azzarella

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